Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Very Fond Wibbly Farewell

Dear Friends,

We are sad to say that Wibbly Wobbly Woods will be under a deep and restful slumber for some time. We Wibblians have become quite overwhelmed with life and it's many wonders. And, though we have enjoyed sharing our lives (illustrations) with all of you, it is time, as many great stories go, to end this particular chapter.

When the woods awaken from it's quiet repose, and the spring flowers are seen amongst the thistle bushes and brambles, we hope to once again open our homes, hearts, and imaginations to all of you- the most Wibbliest of us all.

But please, keep a lookout for a flutter amongst frosted trunks, or the scurrying between evergreen branches- for you may see one of us.

Spring Morning
Where am I going? I don't quite know.
Down to the stream where the king-cups grow--
Up on the hill where the pine-tress blow-
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know.

Where am I going? The clouds sail by,
Little one, baby one, over the sky.
Where am I going? The shadows pass,
Little ones, baby ones, over the grass.

If you were a cloud, and sailed up there,
You'd sail on water as blue as air,
And you'd see me here in the fields and say:
"Doesn't the sky look green today?"

Where am I going? The high rooks call:
"It's awful fun to be born at all."
Where am I going? The ring-doves coo:
"We do have beautiful things to do."

If you were a bird, and lived on high,
You'd lean on the wind when the wind came by,
You'd say to the wind when it took you away:
"That's where I wanted to go today!"

Where am I going? I don't quite know.
What does it matter where people go?
Down to the woods where the blue-bells grow--
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know.

~A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little Lady Good Nectar as Leaf

I didn't want to be no stink'n leaf at the school costume ball. I fought with my mama and grandma about it! Things didn't set right with me until my auntie V came over with her
magical box of paint and glitter. She put eye sparkles and lip nectar on me and then applied
sun jelly on my arms and legs. I was as shinny as fist full of copper pennies!!! Auntie talked my Mama and grandma into letting me wear my hair in an afro and of course you know, I was a
SENSATION!!!!!! Mrs. Gooblepotter told me that she had never seen a leaf so bright in all her life and Mrs. Goolepotter has lived a very long time! I knocked them dead when I sang," I'm a Little Leaf, Please Don't Step On Me" Yeah! he he he he! Ain't I a stinker???

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Berry-licious Moment

One of Scribbles most favorite activities is picking ripe juicy berries among the fall leaves, and cinnamon smelling breezes. These purple bopp berries are just the thing to make jam to share for everyone in the woods!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Boots!

The thing that always got me excited every school year is getting new clothes, especially boots! I would put them on at home and admire them when it was still too hot to wear them, just waiting for that little nip in the air so I could wear them to school!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walter's First Day

It is Walter's first day at his new one room school. He misses his old school and friends and wishes he was still on summer break. The Mouse is very excited to be sitting in the back row with the bigger students. The Bunny is daydreaming and thinking about lunch...hope Mom packed me a special treat.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Wings for School

As a child I remember Mother Good Nectar. She was a real looker. I take after her.
She would always make me and my sister Purnetta the Strange, lovely wings
for fairy school each year. Now that I'm all grown up, I still like to
sport a new pair of wing this time of year!!! I also love the humans, Parda,
shoes and designer clothing. One must look spiffy for the school year.
Oh I 've put on a little weight since the high wire. To many nectar cakes
and honeyjoop, joop tea he he he!

Scribble's First Day

Hiya Wibblians-

I redid Scribbles. She is now a tiny little bug girl, instead of an old gnome person thingy. This is her first day of school, and she's getting dressed. It's taking a little longer because over the summer her feet got bigger than her shoes remembered. Oh well, she's a growing Do-Bug. Wish her luck today!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wibbly Gazette #5 (Prompt)

Halloween Spooks
by Eleanor Dennis

Millions and billions and trillions of cats,
Cackling old witches in tall, funny hats,
Screech owls screeching from the fence post and tree-
It's Halloween time as plain as can be.
Dim spooky shadows go slithering by
As black bats and witches go riding the sky;
Get out your costume and join in the fun.
Don't let spooks scare you, and don't turn and run;
The scary old spooks are just Jerry and John
With Mom's old percales ripped up and pinned on.
So get out your costume and funny face too,
To keep folks from guessing that you are just you.

Hullo Fellow Wibblians-

Fall is almost upon us. And you know what that means? Wibbly Wobbly Wood will be hoppin' and a boppin' with all sorts of fun activities, from pumpkin pickin' to apple boppin.' And I'm sure more than a few of us will start out raking leaves, and end up jumping into them instead.

Here are the prompts for the next month:

Sept 21- Oct 4
What was your most favorite or not so favorite part about school starting up again in the fall? Using your Wibbly character, illustrate/create his or her hapinness or disgruntlement. Maybe illustrate some sort of classroom scene using your Wibbly character.

Oct 5- Oct 18
What are some of your favorite Fall childhood memories? Was it apple picking in a giant orchard, or picking out your favorite pumpkin in the endless rows of vines? Did you ever go for a hayride and accidentally get bumped off? Did you ever make candy or caramel apples, or popcorn balls? What do you think your Wibbly character would be doing for fall? Harvesting, decorating, madly sewing together a costume for the big Wibbly Woods Harvest Ball?

Oct 19-Oct 31
Wibbly Wobbly Woods is having it's annual, and first ever, mind you, Harvest Ball. Illustrate your character in a costume of his or her choice, and show a scene of what you plan to do at the ball. Are you going to be part of the band/orchestra? Are you in charge of bringing desserts, or are you going to be there helping to decorate? Or do you plan to make a muck of the apple cider and dance wildly all night long? How do you plan to help or participate with the Harvest Ball?

Looking most happily and forwardly to all your wonderful postings!
Lady Good Nectar & Scribbles

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back By Popular Demand...Walter and the Three Bears!!!

Before Walter moved to the Woods he had a part time job training elephants at the circus and his friends the three bears had an amazing high air balancing act! Goldilocks came to see the show. It was a big hit with the crowd. I drew this on a very long narrow piece of illustration board and it turns out it was too big to fit on the scanner so I had to scan it in two pieces....just pretend it is in one piece. ( I know a man who ran away from home when he was a teenager and joined the circus. He was a clown and drove the elephant truck. He said it was scary how the truck swayed back and forth from the weight of the elephants...they must have been dancing back there or something....I can just see elephants square dancing ;o) And as Walter is quite the lady's man (uh I mean dog), I thought you would all like to know that Walter is just as cute from the back as he is from the front (Walter is rolling his eyes as I write this and is demanding I remove that picture from the Internet!) I don't have photoshop or illustrator so my friend Doug put these back together for me :o)
And now you get to see the illustration the way it was meant to be seen.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lady Good Nectar has the Bear Family over for Costume Tea Party

Oh Dear, I invited the bears over for Tea this afternoon.
When I opened the cottage door the poor dears ran away!
I thought I'd told them that it was a costume Tea and that
I would be dressed as a Mime. Mrs. Bear let me have it for
scaring poor baby bear to death. He doesn't take kindly to
clowns and Mine, but he sure ate his weight in tea and crumpets.
He he he!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sir Dante's Surprise

What a fright I just had! I was just waking up from an afternoon nap - thought I'd run out for a sip of water. Of course, I've never had any visitors, so I didn't bother to pull my trousers on...I was just going to be a minute. Well, I stepped out onto my branch, and heard a giggle behind me. Mercy! Imagine my scare when I saw three bears sitting in my side yard enjoying a picnic lunch! I sprang out of there in such a hurry - I really didn't know if I was on the menu! And of course then I had to hide in the forest canopy until the coast was clear...out in broad daylight, and in my BIRTHDAY suit! This is so embarassing! I should have come here first to read the news about a new family of bears in the woods. Now I'm afraid I'll be too embarassed to meet them again!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Three Bears

I know, Scribbles isn't in the picture. When I drew him in, it didn't make sense, so I just erased him out. This image could be the Three Bears settling into their new home the night before their open house, lol. Happy September everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wibbly Gazette #4 (Prompt)

If you go out in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because. . .

The woods have some new inhabitants, Papa, Mama and Baby bear. Instead of Goldilocks, come up with an illustration including your Wibbly character and an encounter with the three bears. Maybe you've bumped into them in the woods as you were on your Wibbly Wobbly Way. Maybe you've noticed their house and decided to drop by for a neighborly visit? Maybe, just maybe, you got a little bit curious and decided to try out the bears's house, and when you woke, you found them staring down at you. What happens next? It's up to you!

Happy Postings!
Lady Nectar & Scribbles

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turn Off the Water!

Uh-oh! somebody left Scribbles' water hose running! It's obviously been awhile since anyone's checked in here, so I figured I better hop into this clown's boat and check this out!

Sir Dante

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been so nervous to start the show! I'm used to being up high, and I'm wishing I had learned to be a trapeze artist! I don't like being in the limelight. I'm very happy here in the dark. But, the show must go on! I'm the one who fit this suit, so I'm the one who gets to be the ringmaster. I'm so glad this is only a one - ring circus. I sure hope I don't mess it up! Break a leg everyone! (Preferably someone else's!) ... Sir Dante

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scribbles to the Rescue

And so with the help of Scribble's new clown friends, they raced in their trusty fire engine wagon to help Lady Nectar with her corset!


Lady Good Nectar at the Circus

Wibbins, You know I was pretty happy just sitting around idle
in my little cottage, drinking endless cups of
magical bush tea, and crunching on fiddlesticks
but then I got to thinking. If I don't try
some new thing I'll become old and moldy.
My very good friend Mr. Hadley came by and
invited to me join the circus for the day. I thought
that I perhaps would become a clown or something like that.
He had something more daring in mind.
Now trust me, it was all fun and games
putting on the makeup and being poured into
the cute little pink number, but as I started to climb
my blood pressure did too. That foolish man wanted
to use me in his high wire act! HELP!!!!!
hee he he hee
Lady Good Nectar
P.S. Please bring a corset remover as this thing is killing me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wibbly Gazette #3 (Prompt)

Hullo Fellow Wibblians-

I hope that you are all enjoying many fun and exciting summer activities, such as swimming, bbq'ing, camping in our fair woods!

This month we're all going to the circus. Create what you (your Wibbly character) did at the circus. Did you get into mischief with the lions, did a clown pick on you? Did you take part in a death defying act as well? Did the ringmaster let you wear his jacket? Please include your Wibbly character in your creation. Double-page spreads are most welcome!

Can't wait to see your most wonderful creations!
Lady Good Nectar & Scribbles

Mirror Mirror on the Wall. .

Now everyday, week in week out,
The spoiled stupid Queen would shout. . .
Then suddenly, one awful day,
She heard the Magic Mirror say,
"From now on, Queen, you're Number Two.
Snow-White is prettier than you!"

I'm sorry everyone, I've been so busy lately,
I've barely had time to eat. Promise to put
a lot more effort into the next post!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

I've always been intrigued by the small, trading card sized story books. My kids had the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and 3 Bears in miniature, and those books went everywhere with us. As I drew this illustration, I was thinking of those toddler days. I wish I could find a magic mirror to relive those precious moments through again!

And Sir Dante' says this is one of his favorite storybooks! At 2.5"x3.5", it fits him perfectly!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beach Blond Snow White

"She shouted at him, 'Listen Buddy!'
'You drag that filthy girl outside,
and see that you take her for a ride!
Thereafter slit her ribs apart
And Bring me back her bleeding heart!'"

Thanks for all your advice about my previous post, I really appreciate it. The huntsman is my favorite is inspired by a man I saw at a local library (he was dressed sorta like that too). Snow White dyed her hair bleach is very shocking.

p.s. Delores Duckington-Merifeather it is just a coincidence that we both did the same passage ;o)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhyme-Snow White

Well, this was very challenging. I'm not really sure if I got this right or not. It started out as a spread (I think) and ended up looking more like a cover. Oh well...
I tried to make the Queen not just intimidating, but also slightly babelicious.
I hope I succeeded in my interpretation.
This is the part I chose to illustrate:

Then suddenly, one awful day,
She heard the Magic Mirror say,
'From now on, Queen, you're Number Two.
Snow-White is prettier than you!'
The Queen went absolutely wild.
She yelled, 'I'm going to scrag that child!
'I'll cook her flaming goose! I'll skin'er!
'I'll have her rotten guts for dinner!'
She called the Huntsman to her study.
She shouted at him, 'Listen buddy!'
'You drag that filthy girl outside,
'and see that you take her for a ride!
'Thereafter slit her ribs apart
'And bring me back her bleeding heart!'

Have a great day, all.

Delores Duckington-Merifeather

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes

I have to say, this was fun! I loved every minute of doing this post. I chose
to do a cover a of book instead of a spread, but I had so much fun
that I think I may do a spread too. This is the verse that I illustrated:
Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes
He wrote to every magazine
And said, 'I'm looking for a Queen.'
at least then thousand girls replied
And begged to be the royal bride.
The kind said with a shifty smile,
'I'd like to give each one a trial.'
However, in the end he chose
A lady called Miss Maclahose,
Who brought along a curious toy
That seemed to give her endless joy-
This was a mirror framed in brass,

Hello, I'm Delores

Hello everyone, My name is Delores Duckington-Merifeather, and I am the etiquette and style reporter for the Lakeshore Daily Gazette.

I've just moved to Wibbly Wobbly Woods and I am very excited to be here. The "Woods" is truly a beautiful place with a lot of interesting characters and I can't wait to meet you all personally, especially the very dapper Mr. Walter E. Dent.

So fellow Wobblians, if you happen to see me walking through the "Woods" with my photographer, please don't be alarmed. I promise to get your permission first before featuring you in my column. Oh, and before I forget, I would like to thank the lovely Lady Good Nectar for preparing such a lovely and beautifully quaint environment for us to reside in.

Hope to see you all soon. Tah tah!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking for Advice

I've been doing some doodling for our next project but I could use some advice about this character, the queen. Something just doesn't feel right about it. The eyes and the mouth don't seem to fit the face very well and after I finished this doodle I realized that she looks an awful lot like Disney's queen of hearts, this was unintentional...I was hoping for something a little more original. I'm thinking about tossing out this doodle and starting over but I was wondering if it might be salvageable. Any ideas?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Raining Cats on Dogs

Dr. Longbody is sick of the weather and is looking forward to the hot summers without rain cats. Thank goodness for seasonal changes in the Wibbly Wobbly Woods!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scribble's House

Hi Wobblians, I know it's taken forever for me to post, but tada!!! This is me, Scribbles, with my wings carefully tucked behind me. If someone manages to touch my wings, than I must write them one story, poem, or joke. So, I have to be sneaky, sneaky, and keep my wings carefully hidden.
My house is a broom that got left behind long ago. I asked Lady Good Nectar to help me move it into this cozy nook in the wood, surrounded by wild flowers, and tall gentle trees. My door is always opened for a visit, and I'll brew you the best cup of tea in all the Wood.
In my house are all sorts of lovely books as well. So if your ever in the mood for a good story, please stop by my stoop. It's lovely to meet all of you!

Wibbly Gazette #2 (Prompt)

Hi Fellow Wobblians-

I'm sorry it took so long to get this next prompt out, but here it is. This month, since many of you have expressed that you're part of this blog to put pieces together for your illustration portfolio, Lady Good Nectar and I decided it would be fun to stretch your minds a bit with the help of Roald Dahl.

We're going to be working from one of Roald Dahl's Revolting Ryhmes, Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs. (click here for the full rhyme)

Possible Options:
1) Creating a book cover for this rhyme
2) Character designs, really stretch your imagination and get to know any of the characters in the rhyme, show various facial expressions, and/or poses. The point is to be able to illustrate your character consistently, in various ways.
3) Try creating a double-page spread from a section of this rhyme using the character that you've created from 2). Keep in mind that you should save space for a 'text box' though you don't actually have to put text in the space. Sometimes it's better not to, so that you can really see if your illustration can stand on it's own w/out text.

If you have any questions, just email us. Again, you're not limited to just drawing and painting your posts, you can also craft, sculpt, collage, interpretive dance, animate whatever your post to be.

Happy Creating!
Lady Good Nectar & Scribbles

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I just thought I'd give everyone in the woods a heads up...I met this fellow last night. He'd wandered into our woods, craving honey. At first I was very wary of him...He's big, and has these really scary claws. He was so distracted, he didn't see me at first. His name is Chester, and he's just passing through. I hope you don't mind, but he was so well mannered, I told him he was welcome to the honey in our woods. It seemed the polite thing to do.

Sir Dante

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello, everyone. You can call me Cat. I am quite a shy one, my preferred time is night. That is when I can help the Woodsfolk who need me. It's a bit difficult to catch a glimpse of me as I rarely come out in the daytime. My constant companion is a little dragon named Snap. He helps keep the fires stoked during chilly nights in the Woods. We look forward to sharing stories and fun with you...if you find your garden weeded or laundry folded, well, chances are it was me! Until we talk again, "I have a bit of sparkle, and a little gleam, things in the Woods aren't always what they seem. When you spy a lovely toad, please don't give him a poke. Chances are he's just another Wibbly Wobbly Folk".

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi I'm Halo

Hi, I'm Ms. Halo the Love Reindeer.

Let me tell you some loving facts about me:

Halo: I have Pizazz, Sparkle, Free Spirited, & I Love

being in Wibbly Woobly Woods to spread Peace, Harmony

& Love in the Woods.

Where I Live: I Live under the Tree of Love

Favorite Foods: I LOVE SWEETS, Yum Yum!! I stay full

of love by eating Sugar Cookies, Popcorn sprinkled with Sugar,

Ice Cream with Caramel, just to name a few. When I am

thirsty I must drink some SWEET Tea :-)

Halo's Wish To Lady Good Nectar: To sprinke a Rainbow of love

all over the Woods
Well now I have to roam around and meet my neighbors!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing Sir Dante!

Let me introduce you to Sir Dante! A few days ago, my daughter was thrilled to learn of a family that could no longer keep their lop-eared 3 yr. old (still just a child) bunny, Dante. You see, we have a family rabbit, but she wanted one of her own - one that could stay in her room - one she could care for.

Fast forward...

We've all seen Monte Python. We know how fast rabbits can move. But I swear - this bunny has magical powers. This morning, I checked in on him, gave him his carrot peels and mint. He looked innocent enough. I went outside, and came back in - but through a much quieter door than the one I went out. I am sure Dante thought I was still gone. I was standing in the room below him, and I heard "THUMP......THUMP, THUMP!" Now, I don't know morse code or bunny code, but I am sure this was a battle cry for the magic he was about to perform! I went in to check on what was going on, and he had disappeared! GONE! As in, not in the cage, not in the pen! I sat down on my daughter's bed to contemplate the laws of the universe regarding 6 lb. rabbits, and he made his mistake...I heard the slightest rustle under me...He was probably afraid I was about to fall through the mattress and squish him. He must not have any anti-squishing magic.

I got him secured, and used cable ties to thwart any future magical disappearances, and then I just couldn't help but paint an aceo of Sir Dante!

This is the conclusion I've come to: Of course, no one will ever witness it, because he moves at the speed of lightning. When Sir Dante wants to, he can hop higher and faster than bunnily possible. He points one of his lop ears in the direction he wants to go, and then uses his magical hind legs to propel himself up, up, up! If he points both ears, he could end up in the stratosphere! Because of this unique talent, Sir Dante is very comfortable in the woods. Where other bunnies are serving the food chain on the forest floor, Sir Dante is up in the forest canopy, surveying the birds of prey that are trying to find HIM! This is one special rabbit!

Being that he is so special, I'm sure that he will be happy with a home in The Wibbly Wobbly Woods. I'll make him promise to visit us often, and we'll always welcome him here, but I'm sure many adventures await him in the woods!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shopping Trip

This is the lady I work for, Ms. Skittering. On the first day I arrived for work, the lady took one look at me and said that we needed to go shopping immediately if I was going to work here. Apparently, my blue suit doesn't match the decor of her house. Ms. Skittering insisted on buying me a new suit. The above picture was taken after our very long shopping trip and we were headed to Ms. Skittering's favorite cafe. Notice she dressed to match the decor of the cafe. Where ever she goes, she has to match her surroundings. I told you she was an eccentric little chipmunk!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi, My Name is Rossobella

A long, long time ago, there was an Italian farm community that had fallen on hard times. The vineyard stopped producing grapes, which were the village's main source of income. One day, a lone red dahlia flower sprouted in the middle of the vineyard. The appearance of the bright red dahlia cheered up the villagers and made the soil fertile, making them prosperous once again. I was created from a seed of that flower. Ever since, I have been spreading cheer wherever it is needed. I am commonly referred to as "The Red Fairy" and am happy to be a resident of Wibbly Woobly Woods!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Table is Set

The table is set so let the party begin,
We welcome Wibbly Wobbins our dear funny friends
To be as creative and funny as you need,
Bring to life characters like flowers from seeds.
Be it princess, fairly, frog or steed, whimsical
characters of make believe all are welcome here!
Lady Good Nectar

Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome To the Woods

Well Howdo??? Excuse me, my name is Lady Good Nectar! I'm kinda like the
keeper of these here woods called Wibbly Wobbly. It's nice to meet yall.
Pull up a toad stool and have a little rest you're just in time for some
sweet pea nectar and some fried green Num Nums. What are
fried Num Nums???? Why they are only the best tasting treats
this side of the green!!! You see, I love to cook. I just adore
that human yall call Paula Dean! OOH WEE she is somethin'
else!!! Now I must warn you that my hair changes with my moods.
Oh it could bright orange one day and pink lemonade the next.
I have friends of the wild and whimsical sort and they have no
manners, but not to worry I keep them all in check with my magical
stun gun. Anyway, I have to run now a new friend just came to live here
and I need to create somekinda house warming gift for him. His name is
Walter. Now you know I just adore a dog in a uniform. I'll write more a
little bit later! Now yall mine yourselves you here me???

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To A Trip Far Far Away

Hullo Fellow Wibblians-

Mr. Scribbles and I will be away on vacation starting Monday, May 11, to the 24th. I'll share all my hijinks when I get back, and will definitely post from the prompts!

Wibbly Wave and Wobbles,

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cead Mile Failte (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

"Hello, my name is Walter E. Dent. I am originally from Manchester, England but I have recently moved to the Wibbly Wobbly Woods. Because of my blue suit, I am often mistaken for the Maytag repair man, which is rather annoying. I serve as a butler for a rather eccentric chipmunk who is also a resident of the Woods. "

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Everyone

Wishing you our members whether mother, daughter, sister, niece or grandma,
I wish you all a very , very Happy Mother's Day!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Invitation to Laughter and Creativity

Greetings Everyone!!! OOh you've just caught Scribbles and myself, Lady Good Nectar, decorating the place up a bit! So good of you to pop in and visit. We have been trying to get things started, but so many things gotten in the way. " What things?"You ask??? Well... first we had to help The Princess and The Frog Prince rebuild the moat to Candy Castle. Seems the dragon has a sweet tooth and drank it all up hee he he!!!

The Great Creston misplaced his rabbit for the 5th time this month, and one of our monsters was constantly having mood swings and panic attacks. So as you can see we have been very busy.

Now that we're all rested let's get this little party started. We'd like talented and imaginative people like you to help us get the Woods a' Rockin'.

Vanessa Brantley Newton (Lady Good Nectar), and Loredan Avery (Scribbles), have teamed up to create a new blog entitled Wibbly Wobbly Woods. Think of Alice and Wonderland meets Willy Wonka, with a dash of Beatrix Potter. Basically, it’s a fictional forest, where each member will take on a fantastical persona, ie: fairies, witches, gnomes, mushrooms, and the like. And every month, or whenever an idea strikes, there will be some sort of prompt, in which you will bring to life whatever comes out of your creative genius.

If you are a painter, sculpture, crafter, sewer, stitcher, practically any creative endeavour, please consider us. We’d like to keep the blog small, so we’re only opening up 12 slots right now. And we ask that you only join only if you are
EXTREMELY SERIOUS. Because we’re going to be putting a bazillion percent of ourselves into this blog, we ask the same from our members.

The rules are simple:

1) You must post. You can post as often as you like. You don’t have to do all the prompts, but you MUST post according to the prompt. And if you don’t, you’ve got to give a good reason why, like vacation, or you’re eye has fallen out and you’re still looking for it on the floor.
2) If you have things to sell, we ask that you don’t use our blog to do it. We’ll be happy to provide information on the blog about your things if anyone’s interested, absolutely.
3) You’re work has to be family oriented, G rating.
4) Sadly, if you don’t follow these rules, we’re going to have to banish you from
the wood. It seems harsh, but we really are looking for ONLY serious and dedicated individuals who truly want to be part of something magical.

If you’re interested in being part of a creative supportive group, and want to have some Wibb Wobblian good times, please write us at, and tell us why you’d like to be a fellow Wibb Wobblian. Also include any website and/or blogs that you may have.

The deadline for those interested in bein' Wibbly is May 17th. We'll notify via email of our decision. And please know that though we're keeping it small right now, we might end up opening it up to more slots later.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Lady Good Nectar Fairy- Supreme Fairy of the Wood
Scribbles the Do’Bug- Editor & Chief of the Wibbly Gazette

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wibbly Gazette #1 (Prompt)

Good Morning Fellow Wibb-Wobblians

I am very excited to announce our first set of Wibbly Wobbly Wood prompts. They will be coming to you every month, or whenever inspiration strikes. And you may do each prompt however you choose, whenever you choose, and as frequently as you'd like. You can even skip some and repeat some, or eat some. Well, if you're going to eat some, please be sure so share with the rest of us, after all, it's only polite. This will be a sort of introductory prompt. This first set will be kind of a "Hello, My Name is. . ." sort of thing. If you have any questions, please email me.

Alright, down to business. . .
1) What do you, a citizen of Wibbly Wobbly Woods look like? Do you have fur growing out of your ears, and boils on your nose? Are you fifty feet tall, and wear no shoes at all? Or are you small as a hummingbird with wings of flight? Be as creative as you want, create mug shots from previous convictions, DMV or passport photos. Perhaps a candid shot of you just getting out of bed.

2) Since you are a Wibb Wobblian, it seems only natural for you to have a home in our fantastical woods. What would your home look like? Is it made of candy, is it made of wood, is it made of straw, or did you just decide to pitch a tent? Do you have neighbors, pets, modes of transportation?

3) Create your profile using your new fantastical persona. What foods do you like? What are your hobbies? Do you do any tricks or play any pranks? What is your role in our magical community?

4) Wibby Wobbly Woods is having a celebration in honor of you, our Wibb Wobblians. It is pot luck, and will be held in The Meadow along side Sugar Brook. Please 'create' what you are going to bring to this festive occasion.

5) If Lady Good Nectar granted you one wish, as a Wibb Wobblian, what wish would you want? Remember, it must fit within the theme of your Wibbly character. Other than that, the sky's the limit. Please keep all wishes within the PG standard!

In happy anticipation of your creations,
Editor-and-Chief of the Wibbly Gazette,