Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi I'm Halo

Hi, I'm Ms. Halo the Love Reindeer.

Let me tell you some loving facts about me:

Halo: I have Pizazz, Sparkle, Free Spirited, & I Love

being in Wibbly Woobly Woods to spread Peace, Harmony

& Love in the Woods.

Where I Live: I Live under the Tree of Love

Favorite Foods: I LOVE SWEETS, Yum Yum!! I stay full

of love by eating Sugar Cookies, Popcorn sprinkled with Sugar,

Ice Cream with Caramel, just to name a few. When I am

thirsty I must drink some SWEET Tea :-)

Halo's Wish To Lady Good Nectar: To sprinke a Rainbow of love

all over the Woods
Well now I have to roam around and meet my neighbors!



Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hello Ms. Halo,
It's so very wonderful to have you here in the woods with us. Oh I must say you are a sweet little dear aren't you???? So glad that you could come. You'll find so many wonderful creatures here in WWW. Well there is me, Lady Good Nectar, and Scribbles who is on vacation from the woods and Sir Walter he is very dapper in his suit. Walter works for a Mrs. Skittering and she is requiring him to wear something different. Oh and then there is the most fairy Red fairy. I call her Ro for short. She is beautiful and a most magical rabbit named Dante! I have invited the all to tea. Oh please do come when you are settled in. We send you a very fond Wibbly obbly welcome.
Lady Good Nectar

DEB said...

Hello Halo...I may hop on over to your tree on occasion to say hello!

Shell said...

Hi Ms. Halo. A pleasure to meet you and we need more Love Reindeer out in the world. I do love sweets too especially chocolate chip cookies.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh my, Halo is sooo very beautiful. She looks like a character right out of Dr. Seuss. I look forward to seeing Halo around the "Woods."

Much love to you, Halo.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice YLW...So you "KAN" draw...

Rossobella said...

Welcome Halo! I am curious about this Tree of Love, I'll stop by soon! And I'll bring some of my famous red velvet cupcakes with magic happy sprinkles for your sweet tooth.

Latrece Harrison said...

Hi all of my family in the Woods. Thanks so much for giving me a warm welcome. I look forward to our days together getting acquainted. Take care and have a Wibbly loving day :-)