Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Invitation to Laughter and Creativity

Greetings Everyone!!! OOh you've just caught Scribbles and myself, Lady Good Nectar, decorating the place up a bit! So good of you to pop in and visit. We have been trying to get things started, but so many things gotten in the way. " What things?"You ask??? Well... first we had to help The Princess and The Frog Prince rebuild the moat to Candy Castle. Seems the dragon has a sweet tooth and drank it all up hee he he!!!

The Great Creston misplaced his rabbit for the 5th time this month, and one of our monsters was constantly having mood swings and panic attacks. So as you can see we have been very busy.

Now that we're all rested let's get this little party started. We'd like talented and imaginative people like you to help us get the Woods a' Rockin'.

Vanessa Brantley Newton (Lady Good Nectar), and Loredan Avery (Scribbles), have teamed up to create a new blog entitled Wibbly Wobbly Woods. Think of Alice and Wonderland meets Willy Wonka, with a dash of Beatrix Potter. Basically, it’s a fictional forest, where each member will take on a fantastical persona, ie: fairies, witches, gnomes, mushrooms, and the like. And every month, or whenever an idea strikes, there will be some sort of prompt, in which you will bring to life whatever comes out of your creative genius.

If you are a painter, sculpture, crafter, sewer, stitcher, practically any creative endeavour, please consider us. We’d like to keep the blog small, so we’re only opening up 12 slots right now. And we ask that you only join only if you are
EXTREMELY SERIOUS. Because we’re going to be putting a bazillion percent of ourselves into this blog, we ask the same from our members.

The rules are simple:

1) You must post. You can post as often as you like. You don’t have to do all the prompts, but you MUST post according to the prompt. And if you don’t, you’ve got to give a good reason why, like vacation, or you’re eye has fallen out and you’re still looking for it on the floor.
2) If you have things to sell, we ask that you don’t use our blog to do it. We’ll be happy to provide information on the blog about your things if anyone’s interested, absolutely.
3) You’re work has to be family oriented, G rating.
4) Sadly, if you don’t follow these rules, we’re going to have to banish you from
the wood. It seems harsh, but we really are looking for ONLY serious and dedicated individuals who truly want to be part of something magical.

If you’re interested in being part of a creative supportive group, and want to have some Wibb Wobblian good times, please write us at, and tell us why you’d like to be a fellow Wibb Wobblian. Also include any website and/or blogs that you may have.

The deadline for those interested in bein' Wibbly is May 17th. We'll notify via email of our decision. And please know that though we're keeping it small right now, we might end up opening it up to more slots later.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Lady Good Nectar Fairy- Supreme Fairy of the Wood
Scribbles the Do’Bug- Editor & Chief of the Wibbly Gazette