Monday, September 21, 2009

Wibbly Gazette #5 (Prompt)

Halloween Spooks
by Eleanor Dennis

Millions and billions and trillions of cats,
Cackling old witches in tall, funny hats,
Screech owls screeching from the fence post and tree-
It's Halloween time as plain as can be.
Dim spooky shadows go slithering by
As black bats and witches go riding the sky;
Get out your costume and join in the fun.
Don't let spooks scare you, and don't turn and run;
The scary old spooks are just Jerry and John
With Mom's old percales ripped up and pinned on.
So get out your costume and funny face too,
To keep folks from guessing that you are just you.

Hullo Fellow Wibblians-

Fall is almost upon us. And you know what that means? Wibbly Wobbly Wood will be hoppin' and a boppin' with all sorts of fun activities, from pumpkin pickin' to apple boppin.' And I'm sure more than a few of us will start out raking leaves, and end up jumping into them instead.

Here are the prompts for the next month:

Sept 21- Oct 4
What was your most favorite or not so favorite part about school starting up again in the fall? Using your Wibbly character, illustrate/create his or her hapinness or disgruntlement. Maybe illustrate some sort of classroom scene using your Wibbly character.

Oct 5- Oct 18
What are some of your favorite Fall childhood memories? Was it apple picking in a giant orchard, or picking out your favorite pumpkin in the endless rows of vines? Did you ever go for a hayride and accidentally get bumped off? Did you ever make candy or caramel apples, or popcorn balls? What do you think your Wibbly character would be doing for fall? Harvesting, decorating, madly sewing together a costume for the big Wibbly Woods Harvest Ball?

Oct 19-Oct 31
Wibbly Wobbly Woods is having it's annual, and first ever, mind you, Harvest Ball. Illustrate your character in a costume of his or her choice, and show a scene of what you plan to do at the ball. Are you going to be part of the band/orchestra? Are you in charge of bringing desserts, or are you going to be there helping to decorate? Or do you plan to make a muck of the apple cider and dance wildly all night long? How do you plan to help or participate with the Harvest Ball?

Looking most happily and forwardly to all your wonderful postings!
Lady Good Nectar & Scribbles

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