Monday, September 7, 2009

Back By Popular Demand...Walter and the Three Bears!!!

Before Walter moved to the Woods he had a part time job training elephants at the circus and his friends the three bears had an amazing high air balancing act! Goldilocks came to see the show. It was a big hit with the crowd. I drew this on a very long narrow piece of illustration board and it turns out it was too big to fit on the scanner so I had to scan it in two pieces....just pretend it is in one piece. ( I know a man who ran away from home when he was a teenager and joined the circus. He was a clown and drove the elephant truck. He said it was scary how the truck swayed back and forth from the weight of the elephants...they must have been dancing back there or something....I can just see elephants square dancing ;o) And as Walter is quite the lady's man (uh I mean dog), I thought you would all like to know that Walter is just as cute from the back as he is from the front (Walter is rolling his eyes as I write this and is demanding I remove that picture from the Internet!) I don't have photoshop or illustrator so my friend Doug put these back together for me :o)
And now you get to see the illustration the way it was meant to be seen.


Shell said...

I love this illustration. The bears look like they are hanging on. Walter seems right in his element.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Sir Walter! So happy to see again. Your master has again created such a fabulous picture of you and wonderful story. I really, really like this alot. The perspective is marvelous and I love it this way! You guy are really putting on show here and I'm loving each and every moment of it. It again is wonderful. I must go and look at at it once again!
Lady Good Nectar!

Loredan Avery said...

This illustrations is fantabulous! I really like how it's so long, really gives a sense of dimension. And thank you for giving a close up of the bottom half of the picture so we can see the wonderful detail. I must say, Walter's backside is really quite dashing as well!
Wonderful illustration, Scribbles :o)

DEB said...

How sweet! And how creative! Walter is adorable!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Walter, my good man! Wonderful to see you putting one of what I am sure is your many talents to good use. This show looks like a winner, a perfect front page story in the features section of my newspaper. I must get to the show with my camera man and get some good shots.

This illustration, by the way, is really quite good. Your master shows exquisite technical prowess.

Have a smashing good evening, Sir Walter. I will be in touch.

P.S. Not a bad rear shot if I do say so myself.


Delores Duckington-Merifeather