Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lady Good Nectar has the Bear Family over for Costume Tea Party

Oh Dear, I invited the bears over for Tea this afternoon.
When I opened the cottage door the poor dears ran away!
I thought I'd told them that it was a costume Tea and that
I would be dressed as a Mime. Mrs. Bear let me have it for
scaring poor baby bear to death. He doesn't take kindly to
clowns and Mine, but he sure ate his weight in tea and crumpets.
He he he!


Cheryl Lynn said...

My dear Lady! How positively scrumptious you look in costume. Love the black and white motif, and the bears look like they are extremely pleased with their gracious and fabulous hostess!

I'm going to have to get on the ball and catch-up with the action. The bears seem to have a full social calendar! I must sneak in some time for our busy family!

Brilliantly done and masterfully executed!


Delores Duckington-Merifeather

Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh dear, I should have read the whole story first. And me, a reporter of the news, for shame. I promise to lash myself with 50 wet noodles given the first opportunity.

Hopefully baby bear got over his scare and realized that all Mimes and clowns are not necessarily scary, but can be quite friendly.

Good to see that everything worked out and that the little one enjoyed himself a tasty treat.



Loredan Avery said...

Oh my god, this picture is so cool. I love the background, the texture, and the soft colors, really balances well with the black and white.

I hope baby bear is doing okay. He seems to be if he's enjoying all those tasty crumpets!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

ooh Scribbles and Delores, Baby bear cute and all was so well behaved until Pop Bear and Mamma bear asked me if I could watch him for a couple of hours while they ran to the honey store. That little greedy bear ate everything in sight include the sugar milk and cream on the table! I missing a couple of napkins and I think he might have eaten them too. It's 2:00am they haven't returned yet!!! What to do??

DEB said...

As busy as you are Lady Nectar, you still manage to create the most amazing art!

Lacy Snarr said...

It is great how the bears are creeping tepidly into the picture.