Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sir Dante's Surprise

What a fright I just had! I was just waking up from an afternoon nap - thought I'd run out for a sip of water. Of course, I've never had any visitors, so I didn't bother to pull my trousers on...I was just going to be a minute. Well, I stepped out onto my branch, and heard a giggle behind me. Mercy! Imagine my scare when I saw three bears sitting in my side yard enjoying a picnic lunch! I sprang out of there in such a hurry - I really didn't know if I was on the menu! And of course then I had to hide in the forest canopy until the coast was clear...out in broad daylight, and in my BIRTHDAY suit! This is so embarassing! I should have come here first to read the news about a new family of bears in the woods. Now I'm afraid I'll be too embarassed to meet them again!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOOOH My heavens Sir Dante!!!! Heavenssss how are you after this episode??? Oh my dear! You know you must be ever so careful out here in the woods. You never know when the bear will be roaming around. I will say though, I did get a little tickle at your expense. Hopefully you will recover from all of this. Your illustrator did such a fantastic job on this. I love all the wonderful character and the action. Very well put and done. The colors are fantastic as well. Love it! great job she did on this. Well Sir Dante I will seeing you.. I mean meeting with in the woods. I hope you will have found your trousers by then.
Lady Good Nectar

Cheryl Lynn said...

My, my, my, Sir Dante!!! I can only imagine how embarrased a stately and sophisticated gent such as yourself must have been at this faux paux! I'm sure the Bear family had no intentions of giving you such shameful welcome. Please forgive and do not hesitate to meet the newest members of the Woods. After all, we must all share the premises together.

I must say, though, you and the bears look fantastic. Lady Good Nectar was correct. The colors and the action are all superb in the best way!

Please calm yourself, Sir Dante, and remember, everyone deserves a second chance.

Tah Tah!

Delores Duckington-Merifeather

Loredan Avery said...

Sir Dante-
This picture is so cute! There's so much action, and jovality. I love the colors, really bright and cheerful and add to the hysterics. Awesome illustration!

DEB said...

Thanks everyone! I have recovered from my fright...In fact, I think I'll head over to Lady Good Nectar's. I hear she's serving tea!