Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing Sir Dante!

Let me introduce you to Sir Dante! A few days ago, my daughter was thrilled to learn of a family that could no longer keep their lop-eared 3 yr. old (still just a child) bunny, Dante. You see, we have a family rabbit, but she wanted one of her own - one that could stay in her room - one she could care for.

Fast forward...

We've all seen Monte Python. We know how fast rabbits can move. But I swear - this bunny has magical powers. This morning, I checked in on him, gave him his carrot peels and mint. He looked innocent enough. I went outside, and came back in - but through a much quieter door than the one I went out. I am sure Dante thought I was still gone. I was standing in the room below him, and I heard "THUMP......THUMP, THUMP!" Now, I don't know morse code or bunny code, but I am sure this was a battle cry for the magic he was about to perform! I went in to check on what was going on, and he had disappeared! GONE! As in, not in the cage, not in the pen! I sat down on my daughter's bed to contemplate the laws of the universe regarding 6 lb. rabbits, and he made his mistake...I heard the slightest rustle under me...He was probably afraid I was about to fall through the mattress and squish him. He must not have any anti-squishing magic.

I got him secured, and used cable ties to thwart any future magical disappearances, and then I just couldn't help but paint an aceo of Sir Dante!

This is the conclusion I've come to: Of course, no one will ever witness it, because he moves at the speed of lightning. When Sir Dante wants to, he can hop higher and faster than bunnily possible. He points one of his lop ears in the direction he wants to go, and then uses his magical hind legs to propel himself up, up, up! If he points both ears, he could end up in the stratosphere! Because of this unique talent, Sir Dante is very comfortable in the woods. Where other bunnies are serving the food chain on the forest floor, Sir Dante is up in the forest canopy, surveying the birds of prey that are trying to find HIM! This is one special rabbit!

Being that he is so special, I'm sure that he will be happy with a home in The Wibbly Wobbly Woods. I'll make him promise to visit us often, and we'll always welcome him here, but I'm sure many adventures await him in the woods!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Sir Dante, what a pleasure to meet you! You will find that Wibbly Wobbly Woods is the prefect place for rabbits! I hear that you have magical powers???? Simply amazing. I think that you are so very beautiful. Your picture is beautifully done. Well, please help yourself to all the lettuce and carrots you'd like. Although I will warn you that the lettuce in my garden has special powers as well. My sister, lady Sweet Pea came over and made a small salad with one of them and she turned the most wonderful shade of orange I've ever seen! he he he he!! Later that week she complained about a weird sensation of wanting to sleep on the ceiling. At any rate, you are most welcome to have as many as you'd like. Oh well, I have to go and feed the dragon. Take care!!

Lacy Snarr said...

Welcome Sir Dante. I have never met a wizard before...especially such a cute wizard.

Rossobella said...

Welcome to the woods, I've never met a magical rabbit before!