Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beach Blond Snow White

"She shouted at him, 'Listen Buddy!'
'You drag that filthy girl outside,
and see that you take her for a ride!
Thereafter slit her ribs apart
And Bring me back her bleeding heart!'"

Thanks for all your advice about my previous post, I really appreciate it. The huntsman is my favorite is inspired by a man I saw at a local library (he was dressed sorta like that too). Snow White dyed her hair bleach is very shocking.

p.s. Delores Duckington-Merifeather it is just a coincidence that we both did the same passage ;o)


Cheryl Lynn said...

I love this! I especially love that fact that Snow White dyed her hair bleach blond and she's wearing the beauty queen sash! HA! I think the huntsman is cool and I like your final interpretation of the queen.

Great illo!

DEB said...

Very nice! Your queen character especially!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hee he he hee hee!!!!! Oh but this is rich!!! I was waiting to see what you would post and it's just as crazy and delicious as I thought it would be!!!!!! This is a scream. I adore every single thing about it for sure. You have such a way with characters. Great interpretation my friend! I give you a 10!
Lady Good Nectar!

Loredan Avery said...

These are awesome expressions. I really like how Snow White is blond, and the wicked queen, and the way she's poised, really sets the tone of the illustration. Fabulous job!