Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scribble's First Day

Hiya Wibblians-

I redid Scribbles. She is now a tiny little bug girl, instead of an old gnome person thingy. This is her first day of school, and she's getting dressed. It's taking a little longer because over the summer her feet got bigger than her shoes remembered. Oh well, she's a growing Do-Bug. Wish her luck today!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Dearest Little Scribbles, how sweet and cute you look all excited about school! You look delicious, I mean tast.. I mean wonderful there. School here is the wood is very educational indeed! We have so many things to see here and hear here and what not and not what! Now I must warn you to go straight away to school and don't stop off anywhere go directly to the school house. Will you be using your wings or your little legs.
Lady Good Nectar, oh please come for tea sometime this month.

Loredan Avery said...

Dear Lady Good Nectar-
I'm afraid I couldn't get my last shoe on, and Gammy was chasing me out the door. So I am going to try out my wings. If not, I'll try running and jumping and springing, and boinging to school. Though, last time I boinged right into a tree.
I would love to come for tea. Is it joop joop tea? It makes me giggle!

Cheryl Lynn said...

I don't think I've seen a more adorable Do-Bug. How sweet and endearing you are, brimming with enthusiasm for your first day at school. I'm sure you'll get new shoes, very soon. After all, a girl has to have new shoes...right?

Have a wonderful school day, my dear, and I know that you and the fabulous Lady Good Nectar will have a great time together sipping Joop joop tea and giggling away!

Delores Duckington-Merifeather