Monday, October 5, 2009

New Boots!

The thing that always got me excited every school year is getting new clothes, especially boots! I would put them on at home and admire them when it was still too hot to wear them, just waiting for that little nip in the air so I could wear them to school!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Rosobella, you must be one of the hippest fairies in WWW!!!! You are just the cutest little thing! I sooooooo agree with you about the boot. I am a lover of shoes and boots too. That's one thing that took from the humans woman! They taught this fairy every thing she knows about shoes. Rosobella you and I must go shopping one day! I really like your style! Great illustration! I love it!!!!!
Lady Good Nectar

Lacy Snarr said...

That cute choppy red hair really stands out on that blue background. I love it.

Cheryl Lynn said...

My, my, Rosobella! You look very nice in your snazzy boots. Absolutely stunning! I too love boots, just like Lady Good Nectar. Nothing made me feel better than a brand spanking new school wardrobe, especially new footwear.

This is such a wonderful illustration! I am very impressed.

Tah! Tah!

Delores Duckington-Merifeather

Loredan Avery said...

Your new boots are absolutely beautiful. They match your hair, and outfit so well.
The pose that your character is in, is excellent. You can really see how pleased she is with her new school boots.
Beautiful illustration!